The Story of a Druid. Part 6. by LastyJasty
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Black Scar ( Flurry )
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Movie Summary
The Penguinator Indentification.

Two years have passed since the invasion of Outland. The galaxy is in a state of war. Spies for the Alliance have stolen plans to the time machine. B0omkin and Co escapes to the surface of the desert planet Outland and use the time machine. The Time Machine tells b0omkin of his days as a Penguinators and explains to b0omkin about a mysterious energy field called the Improved Nature Force. Penguinator first assignment is to assault the Alliance bases and kill everyone, even the noobs. /cry


Level - Someday
Borialis - Dont Mean a Thing
Insolence - Poison Well
Zebrahead - Falling Apart

Moonkin PvP|action video

PS There is no choice of russian realms here. :(
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