Risen vs The Lich King 10-man normal by Grogglol
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Chromaggus ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary

One of our 10-man groups downs LK in the 10-man normal mode.
Apologies for my terrible editing skills and for my nearly standard UI. It gets the job done though. We did this last week unsuccessfully with a more melee oriented group. However, an additional ranged dps did the trick handling the Vile Spirits in the last phase. The Lich King-fight as a whole is a well done fight by Blizzard and we've enjoyed it alot. Yes, it is indeed tuned for 10-man gear and being carried by 264's makes it a faceroll. But the fight is not really about gear or crazy dps. I'd say it's more about being in control of all the elements included in the encounter.

What to expect:
PvE (it's hard etc).
A caster's point of view of the fight.

What not to expect:
Fancy UI.
I'm calling out timers on vent and losing focus on my mana and cooldowns, so dps will be absolutely shit.


Addons used:
Deus Vox Encounters (DXE)
Quartz cast bar
Forte Xorcist
Tidy Plates
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text

Raid composition:
Cróv - feral druid
Eax - protection paladin
Fruust - enhancement shaman
Steren - unholy death knight
Tuttankamon - survival hunter (replenishment)
Grogglol - arcane mage (pov)
Ojiisan - restoration shaman
Rekylan - holy priest
Squeezé - elemental shaman
Widelol - holy paladin

Song list:
Linkin Park - Session
DevilDriver - Wasted Years
DevilDriver - Clouds over California
DevilDriver - These Fighting Words

This is not a showcase of amazing dps or incredible skill. This movie was created and released for entertainment purpose only.

risen is a scandinavian guild playing this game casually with three raid days a week. We put alot of effort in to make this a socially involved guild and for those of us who value the social aspects of wow, this is the perfect guild.

Head to www.risen-guild.se for more info on recruitment, our current progress and to see our guild spirit at its best.
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