Milkmè #1 3v3 Shatterplay by flashforcash
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Chromaggus ( Reckoning )
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flashforcash's Arena Team 1
Mogias Xcryzz Milkmè
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- This is a resto shaman 3v3 movie, if you dont like to watch a resto shaman playing, skip this arena movie.

- Im not Kollektiv and will never get that good skill wise, so if you are hoping to see a movie like that, skip this arena movie.

The movie contains resto shaman pov in a shatterplay setup, its only 3v3 in the movie, and all the games are recorded vs people at around 2300-2750 mmr. I recorded the clips over 2-3 nights and this is my first time making a movie, bare with me since editing isnt that easy the first time you try it. I tried picking out games where we didn't just 1 shot our tagets, but actually had some nice games.

Teams you will see us fight in the movie are as followed:

2300 Legendary dispelcleave (double healer war)
2400 druid sp rogue
2400 hpala dk hunter
2300 heroic RLS/RPS
2650 owlplay x 2
2750 shadowplay x 2
2400 ele hunter pala
2500 druid ret hunter
2300 RMP
2600 double healer warlock

These were the best clips i could find in the days we played!


Medina - You and I (remix)
Fragma - Forever And a day (remix)
Lady gaga - love game (Dave Audè Radio remix)
Fawni - Serious (Soul junkie remix radio)
Gaby - My show
Frontier - A I can feel
Cascada - Dangerous

As i said earlier this is my first movie and im not kollektiv or even close to his level (prolly getting carried by my team m8's :D) so i will make mistakes in the movie !
I made this movie for me, i have been meaning to do it for a long time and finally found the time to do so.

If you got any question PM me or whisp me ingame on Milkmè @ Chromaggus EU

Let me know what you think by rating it please, but be gentle :-)

I hope you will enjoy watching it

PS: Im sorry the resolution is so fucked up, but cant do much about it since my screen is like 6 years old and really bad >,<

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