The Sinister Dreams - 18/33 Combat Swords by Hoewoe
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sunstrider ( Blackout )
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My 2nd Rogue movie containing: BGs, PVE ( soloing angerforce etc. ), outdoorPVP & Duels ( epic shaman & shadow priest ). Made for entertainment purposes and to show the versatility and raw power of the combat swords 18/33, not the skills of ugly troll. As pve oriented i got no Imp evis but its mostly crap anyway without coldblood. And my playstyle is far from fine stunlocking , so if you look that kinda stuff this is wrong vid with wrong build, relying on raw power here.

Movie is edited with Sony Vegas, and I tried to sync music with picture as well as possible. My 1st proper movie with Sony Vegas so took prolly 1h / 1min to edit this, and its 24 mins long, so spent quite some time there. The music is mostly melodic metal i love ( and by that i dont mean MTV-Mall-Metal shit like disturbed or other crap u may find in 50% of pvp videos nowadays or from some TOP10HITZLIZTS ) together with few other bit different songs.

And there will be rants always about skills of players. Im not claiming the people on vid are the best or have best gear ( if u face 1v2 2 good players, winning without luck / engineering devices is very hard with current time sap lasts etc ) nor i claim that im a ULTRASKILLEDNINJA. The 2 ppl i duel are fully decked, tho neither of us has the best build / race to duel with, but the ppl are great players and fun to fight with.


Hope u enjoy watching it and pls do give some feedback about the video after watching it so its easier to improve from that to 3rd part.

Theres link also to my earlier 2man BRD ( with shaman ) vid. Notjhing special, just shows it can be done with other than warrior+palading combo with force retreiving disc & TF;5065079;;/fileinfo.html.
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