Cez vol. 7 - The finalé Oldschool TBC PvP by Cezbeast
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server Europe
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Cezbeast's Arena Team 1
Vellatryx Realcez
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I went through with it! I thought of making this for a long time but never really felt like doing it up untill this point

p.s Some opponents might not be the very best but in the process of sharing this nostalgia clip i also wanted to promote my server trekster-wow. This server will be facing some extremely good improvements and this is a way of advertising for it

First off, yes this is a private server i dont see any other way to play TBC since it hasnt been live on retail for the past 4 years, however since i love this expansion more than any other regardless for any 'rngfest', "4/4 sets, legendaries macestun" I still love this expansion regardless. Not a day has gone by without me thinking of real tbc but that ship sailed 2008 ;(. So we're clear i play TBC for nostalgia purposes not for competitive reasons.

7 Movies feels pretty good I feel like my editing and playing skills have evolved greatly in a shorter period of time.
However this is where my movie career must take it's stop most likely wow overall aswell. It's been a good one and once for all i dont cancel my projects
as i've done with several other movies that i just simply lost my motivation to keep working on. Songlist can be found in outro

Added a little nostalgic clip from SGF best selection 2008
-loyal to the oldschool

This is the "best of" my recent recordings over my personal selection edited with my music preferences/FX
to match the action. Recorded over 2 days and edited in 1 day.
Since the movie was very rushed towards its end i didnt manage to showcase all that i wanted but it'll have to do!

Inspired Playstyle by:


Inspired FX by:
STVmovies amongst other wcm movie makers

FYI: Some of the songs might be recognized from older wow movies however i chose them in particular to let out that oldschool feeling ;)

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