Mage solo - Magmaw 10 Heroic (!) by Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Hyjal ( Cataclysme )
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(Let me know if you like or dislike the new intro !)
Aaand today I'm back in one of my favorite raid : the Blackwind Descent !

Magmaw. Dear Magmaw. I love you. I love how you randomly reset stacks or not. I love how you decide to ignore Mirror Images if they're not in melee range. I love ... well, you got the point.

Magmaw is a brutal boss. As a mage, you have limited options. Obviously, you cannot tank-and-spank him. A single melee swing hits for upwards of 150k (non crit, lol), as much as a Lava Spit with 5 stacks of Molten Tantrum. Your only solution is to stay out of melee range and eat lava. Yummy !

To survive, spec into Rune of Power + Evocation glyph. Juggernaut trinket is mandatory (I had the 574 one). Glyph Ice Block to ignore one or two Lava Spit. Use Cold Snap or a health potion if you can't heal the damage.

Your DPS priority (besides the boss ofc) is the Blazing Bone Construct. He hits for ~35k melee and must be taken down very quickly. Kill the worms too as they debuff hits for 15k and stacks, though they seem to be bugged and sometimes just melee you without doing anything else.

Finally, when you get eaten by the boss, use everything you have and then Ice Block and hope to stay alive until he spits you. After the boss seem to forget your existence, doing nothing at all but staring at the void (look carefully, he's not even targeting me after the end of Mangle)

See ya for Omnotron Heroic !

Music : Hellberg - Get Up (Monstercat release) :

Armory :

Enjoy :)
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