Max Payne - Noir Undercity Prologue by Varath
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Max Payne and World of Warcraft? What the hell?

A few month ago I had the idea to make a short storyline machinima of my most favorite computer games, Max Payne and World of Warcraft. I always loved the dark film noir atmosphere of Max Payne and as an author who has experience in making WoW machinima the idea of mergin MP and WoW grew up in my head.
So the issue was how to convert Max Payne into World of Warcraft?
The answere was simple: Take the great story and voice acting of MP and fill it with pictures from World of Warcraft.
The second descision was if I should take MP 1 or MP2 as basic plot for the movie.
The answere was simple too: I personally prefer MP 2.

I started working on the machinima.

After finishing the first 10 minutes some friends of mine who never played MP didn't
really get in the story cause the didn't know the plotline/background of MP Part 1.
I needed a solution for this problem.

And what can I expect from this "prologue"?

Well according to the fact mentioned above I decided to make a short prologue to the movie.
This prologue should lead the audience who's not familiar with Max Payne into the storyline.
When I started the project I didn't really want to make a trailer or teaser trailer, but
the idea of making a prologue lead me to the idea of combining the prologue with a trailer.

So what you see here is the result.
Another goal of this short machinima, of course, is to tease the audience about the final movie.

It is not essential to watch the prologue before watching the whole movie, which will be
released this winter, but it helps to get into the story, particularly if you were not
familiar with to MP story.

Anynone who knew the story of MP will expect nothing new. I decided to stay close to the original plotline and spend more of my barely available time on the pictures and special effects.
For the first time I played around with 3D animation software and was really statisfied with the results.

I hope you enjoy this short introduction to my upcoming movie.

One important notice: This movie stands in no relationship to the upcoming motion picture of Max Payne in October 2008.
The storylne is completly different from the motion picture. This is only a fan made project.


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