Super Striker by anise
Class: Warlock | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
Short version:

Crap machinima
Pointless/amateur/crap/random/no editing
Remade in 6 hours

Long version:

This was never a main project in the first place that's why I didn't work on it much and when I did, I realized there just wasn't enough material for it to fit with the soundtrack. Even though I frapsed everyday when 3.0 hit but I still didn't get the right scenes and then it was only 1 week left until expansion. So I remade it into something not serious at all. Instead of credits you can see a glimpse of the original version movie.

After the first minute, the editing stops and then it's just the good old drag a clip and put a song with no effects, which I guess some people may want to see without being bothered by any flashy effects but that music genre does not go well with no editing, I'm sure you'll agree after watching.

The original soundtrack was removed and I put in random songs I've used before so I could save it for the real project in expansion instead. Originally there was 3 "energetic" tracks and now there's only one and you can notice how fast it eats through the scenes and the songs are basically like that for 3 min each, so yeah.. I didn't have enough 3.0 material _-_

The main purpose was to bring out a multiboxing movie that gives you a clear view of everything and adding too much timed effects would kill that purpose so that's another problem with the music genre. The other purpose is the music genre itself which I won't go into details just yet.

Anyway, I don't expect many views or high rating because this movie doesn't deserve it, maybe you'll enjoy it but I sure as hell didn't. I only uploaded it since some people wanted to see and at the same time expansion is coming and I wanted to keep it stored somewhere so I can look back and have a laugh.

I'd appreciate if you rate the movie exactly after how you feel about it and if possible, write the reasons or maybe what you wanted to see. I need the criticism pretty much, anything goes except if its music related.

Random shoutouts/thanks/whatever: Davetheone, Zaralol, Pauladine (all from UK and named Paul)

Misc info:

Rendered in 1152x864.

This was done with one computer.

Death coil, Shadowfury, fear, howl of terror, spell-lock is binded separately on all 3 characters.

This was filmed on EU-Magtheridon. (previous main) (will be main for expansion).
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4.87 /5

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