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Razorgore Strategy video
This video is in theory a personal project of mine.

My real life friends' guild is starting their "BWL-adventure" these days, and lots of players (especially ones who are not immensely passionate about the game) don't really bother reading long encounter-guides, as they don't really have the patience to read through a 5-page tutorial. That's the main reason I made this video. To hopefully help out their guild, and make a more enjoyable way to "learn encounters" without actually "doing them" :)

Anyways, here it is. The first part (of what's hopefully to become a complete boss guide).

(P.S - The "attempt" part is of the worst kill I've frapsed so far, solely based on the fact that I found it the one capable of giving the most oversight on the fight, along with errors that can be improved ;) ).