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Fury of the light - 40 0 21 palla PvP
So, i finally took the time to make my pvp video. this a vid where u will see all from crit spam, 1 on 1, 1 v 4 etc.
it has it all, i tried to make it a little different, but im a crappy editor. i did my best, i think its fair to say it was OKEY edited. maybe the font was to big, and maybe even some spellings mistakes. but after working 16 hours without a break im really cant be arsed.

in this movie u will see paladins can pvp, and have fun and actually do some dmg, (not dps, DMG)

ive tried to mix, good music, humor, skillz, and mistakes to make ppl see im just a normal player no, GODLIKE OMG!

i really hope u enjoy this as i worked alot with it:>

and finally i would suggest to download it instead of stream as the bigscreen stream has rather poor quality.