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Battousia vol3 (Is it Power You seek)
Hi everyone,

This is my 3rd video first in TBC, I noticed that most videos after TBC are for mages(Frost)/Rogues so here is a warrior one, The video includes Worldpvp/Battlegrounds, And some 5v5 arena.

Frapsed in 2.1-2.2 patch, Editing is not that good, Tried my best to make good intro, Didn't add too many effects so watcher can focus on the fights in the video. and the view isn't too far from my character(pacman view) its kinda close to the character so it makes it more exciting to watch.

The back ground music in the video is instrumental.

-Worldpvp/Battlegrounds :

All of it is solo pvp 1 v X no potions/buffs used in it, Just some grenades usage and i'm not that good throwing them :p, 1v1 fights mostly are vs geared players, I tried my best to put outdoor fights in it and its so hard on my server to get good ones, there is some really close fights in it.

-Arena 5v5 "2400+ rating" :

I did put some of arena fights, I didnt focus much on arena because it's a warrior movie just wanted to show role of the warrior in 5v5 teams the way i see it, Anyway arena fights are useless to watch without knowing whats going on vent/TS and see it from multi classes view, specially 5v5

My concern was to make a fun warrior movie to watch not about skill or arena rating or gear.

All comment are welcome, You can contact me ([email protected])


Edit: Download the video for best quality, live stream is too bad to watch..