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Welcome to the Jungle Music Video
"Welcome to the Jungle" performed by Guns N' Roses.

Created using Sony Vegas, and Particle Illusion.

I know that Guns N' Roses has 2 guitarists and a bassist, but I really didn't want to compromise the stability of the movie by trying to throw in a fifth member. I also made the undead guitarist lead instead of blood elf because the undead's animations have a bit more variety (Apologies to the die-hard music fans)!

Featuring the teaser for the upcoming film "The Hunt", which is expected to be released anywhere between late spring and mid-summer.

The song used in "The Hunt" teaser is "Now We Are Free," off the Gladiator Soundtrack. It's performed by Lisa Gerrard and Hans Zimmer.

You can read more about "The Hunt" at: .

Thanks for watching, and have a Happy New Year!

--Lionshark Productions 2007--.