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Flekz Fire PvP 5

---PLS READ!---

For entertaining purposes only!

Part 5 of the series, this time including some dual firemage arena! The filesize may be a bit huge but I think, it's absoluteley worth the download...
Just like in part 4, pls don't take comments like 'our hero pwns blabla' too serious and keep in mind, that Flekz is the hero of this comic!
Unfortunately Nepsta's Computer isn't that good, that's why the arena scenes from his point of view are a bit blurry... but he's a good mage, too! :>

Enjoy! :)

Fläkz- Eredar (EU)

Songs (in order of appearance):

Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Steve Oiumette - The Devil went down to Gerogia
Strung Out - Katatonia
Thrice - All that's left

Thx to dvno1 for the summary picture! :p

Also greetings to: