Server view : Sargeras

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
A tribute for From Scratch GuildUnknown15-12-01182-7615
Aggressivity - A World of Warcraft AMVRogue11-05-3090-9558
Alliance Vs. Horde in AlteracHunter06-11-0447-3993
Amphora Vs ArgalothWarrior11-02-19280-3275
Amphora Vs Halfus Brise-wyrmWarrior11-02-19291-2927
Amphora vs Halphus Brise-wyrmWarrior11-02-19291-4675
Annonce de l'anniversaire d'Arkanas leUnknown11-05-0629-9305
Archi down par camarillaPriest08-05-07212-5064
Arena STO part 1Warrior11-03-13443-4186
Asmødzeus VS OnyxiaDeathknight09-08-06130-4267
Asmødzeus VS OnyxiaDeathknight09-08-061008-5091
Aspects Vs. SapphironMage09-03-23372-2854
Atramedes-In Memriam.Mage11-01-2578-5175
Attack of the Horde - Raid JcJ DarnassMultiple07-02-28242-14020
Attaque HordeMultiple12-03-2065-4870
Aube de Lordaeron - TrailerMultiple10-04-29119-8218
Benoit Tourne toiUnknown09-08-07174-6575
Blackwing Lair OmegaMultiple12-03-2586-5540
BWL Episode IV - HD 1080Multiple11-06-28684-88117
BWL Episode IV - TeaserMultiple11-05-1040-28799
BWL Episode IV - Trailer HD 1080Multiple11-06-1481-47501
Bt: Really?! (Mage PvP)Mage07-10-191273.113775
Candidature HeavenMage07-04-0586-2233
Cat Claw ! Feral druid world PVPDruid06-04-253242.167781
Cho'gall 10ManWarrior10-12-30353-4802
Conclave HM PoV War tankWarrior11-03-03206-7034
Deathbringer Saurfang 25 HeroicDruid10-06-09204-7882
Doom Lord KazzakMage07-05-17524.503231
Dpriest Fraldrood vs Hunt Drood fralPriest12-03-07247-4779
Dragon soulMage11-11-0143-5034
Epix Video Prom FinalUnknown10-11-0151-5554
Equinoxe Vs. AtheneronMultiple08-07-0718-2070
Evil Bless R10 vs MaloriakDruid10-12-31201-4531
EviL BleSs vs Twilight Ascendent CouncDruid11-01-11286-7397
Fall of the Lich King 25 NormalDruid10-06-02183-5028
Gag's down Heigan 22/01/2012Hunter12-02-0392-4759
Gnomes vs TaurenMultiple11-06-13265-44892
Grottes du temps 1 heroicMage07-03-212174.005073
Guild Fria VS Arthas 10 NormalDeathknight10-09-01237-4849
Hard to be an OfficerPaladin10-11-25190-8582
Harmonia in Blackwing LairMage06-02-193374.941906038
Harmonia in Molten Core - Harmonia LuxMage05-12-231694.3424190
Heaven in Gruul's LairHunter07-05-184084.9271741
Heaven in KarazhanMultiple07-03-311524.6614125
Hit and run savage Pkilling (Arssen & Rogue05-07-311683.346191
I love Rock and NoobWarlock07-09-21127-2095
I wanna be the best challenger ...Rogue12-01-22444-4722
Insnity vs Nazgrim 25 HM - Shadow PoVPriest14-01-16240-15678
Invasion 2010Multiple10-11-17120-5187
Karathress / War furyWarrior07-09-09127-4903
Karazhan - The Last Guardian TrailerMage07-06-13594.299618
Karazhan Movie - The Last GuardianMage07-07-123084.88106567
keOx IMage11-06-29246-4907
Kill Ball matchUnknown11-05-27602-20054
KT Down par CamarillaPriest08-05-07392-2037
Les Chevaliers Dragons Episode 1Multiple06-11-16217-2404
Lots Of Mammoths !!Unknown11-05-06243-4526
Low lvl Rogue ownageRogue08-06-3048-2211
LTDC Thaddius downWarlock09-02-14143-2093
Madness Vs Al'akirWarrior11-05-19335-4081
Madness Vs AtramdsWarrior11-05-23545-4299
Madness VS ChimaeronWarrior11-04-28407-3269
Madness Vs Cho'gallWarrior11-05-22451-4472
Madness VS Conclave des ventsWarrior11-03-26425-3436
Madness VS Conseil AscendantWarrior11-05-15388-3941
Madness VS Lich King HMWarrior11-03-16549-4899
Madness Vs MagmawWarrior11-03-26403-2994
Madness Vs MaloriakWarrior11-04-16346-2873
Madness Vs OmnitronWarrior11-04-28371-4121
Madness VS Valiona et TheralionWarrior11-03-19275-3297
Mage solo - Garrosh Hellscream Normal Mage16-02-0372-14933
Mage solo - Jin'rokh the Breaker 10 HeMage15-09-0548-17378
Mage solo - Kromog Heroic (!!!!!!!!)Mage16-03-20601-38673
Mage solo - Nok-Karosh (the same, but Mage16-03-1664-11138
Mage solo - Oregorger Normal (!!!!!)Mage16-06-02116-17129
Mage solo - Sha of Pride Normal (In unMage15-08-3089-44478
Mage solo : Sha of Anger (Worldboss)Mage15-09-0572-16009
Malo 10 Hm by So SeriousPaladin11-06-29253-2802
Mangez MoiUnknown10-07-2052-11784
Mariage D'espoir et MiramosShaman07-07-3194-2481
Moussidan - 100% tektonikDruid08-09-192064.339117
Murmur HeroicMage07-03-182802.8114039
Naxxramas - TrailerUnknown07-01-2664.508927
Necromancy - Guild Disband EventDruid11-05-06118-10591
Orgrimmar mass raid (100+ ally)Rogue05-11-01523.7534278
Paladin Retribution 70 - CataclysmePaladin11-07-0433-5414
Praetoria & Ravens Vs. ArchimondeHunter08-11-11110-2806
Priest shadow testing serveur 2.0Priest06-11-2651-2463
Random lock 2k2+Warlock10-04-30367-12321
Remember - Episode 1 : UlduarPriest13-08-15113-12921
Renegade vs Sindragosa 25 HMHunter10-04-30417-6045
Ryolith 10 by So SeriousMultiple11-07-08129-3317
Ryolith 10 by So Serious HDMultiple11-07-08425-4264
Sadoo - A warrior TaleWarrior07-01-247763.478543
Sadoo - Rank13 warrior - Sargeras EUWarrior06-12-295671.688054
Sartharion 6 playersPaladin09-06-03143-2150
Shandris Feathermoon VS OrgrimmarMage11-01-1774-26030
Shinha's PvPRogue07-08-112621.303446
Sky scrollUnknown09-08-05750-15802
Stop playing with the green fontUnknown10-03-0659-7063
Sulfuras warriorWarrior05-12-25971.206949
SVPP vs Arthas 25HMPaladin10-11-30495-6303
SVPP vs Festergut 25HMPaladin10-04-2980-4938
SVPP vs Majordomo 10 HM (no leaping noDeathknight11-09-01266-10843
SVPP vs Putricide 25 HMPaladin10-06-28346-5003
Taste of VengeanceDeathknight10-01-2967-5712
TBC Best 10 PVP WarriorsWarrior08-12-283402.77127402
The last flyMultiple08-10-153012.003273
The Last WallJumpUnknown12-06-05357-7132
The Red Hooded GirlMultiple12-04-0393-12243
Trailer PvP SishioDruid08-04-04100-2034
Tutou PvPWarrior08-11-201803.8310981
u s e l e s s vs. Alysrazor 25 Heroic Paladin11-08-271181-5066
Ultimate Hunter PvP - Monkey Style!Hunter06-01-291213.189383
Valiona 10 hm try 1/2 sos seriousPaladin11-06-2728-3423
Valiona 10 hm try 2/2 sos seriousPaladin11-06-2721-2786
Vashj Vs. CamarillaPriest08-02-13319-2144
Video RP made in HevenRogue07-04-26298-2501
Vintage OnyxiaMultiple16-11-27101-9816
Vintage WoW Classic PVP on capitalsMultiple16-11-2762-7752
War pvp mouse 2Warrior07-08-14492.726026
war sp masse PvpWarrior07-08-121241.174159
Warlegend Project Venferlia 3Unknown13-10-091157-9347
Warpnoir death's chroniclesRogue08-03-253013.475770
What a Loser ! - Chapter 1Multiple11-09-30759-20325
Who Run Faster ?Druid11-05-06109-8759
World First Ret/Hunt/DiscUnknown12-12-04599-44359
Wraith vs Professor Putricide HMMultiple10-02-26451-32734
Wraith vs Ragnaros 25HC, RSham PoVShaman11-11-09272-7734
Yaminosu - TeaserMultiple09-07-2739-12581
Yipa Cool TeamMultiple07-09-1188-2210
Your Valentine SongMultiple12-03-25194-7128
rigine PvP Chapter IIIWarrior07-07-041374.088186
rigine PvP lV DeathWarrior07-08-181274.1410373
rigine PvP VWarrior07-10-041273.395632
rigine PvP VideoWarrior07-04-30121-3162
rigine PvP Video IIWarrior07-05-29622.616007