Server view : Kalecgos

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
1k Dmg Ele Shm 2100+Shaman08-01-134553.8612616
3dps Badass 2300+ 3v3Rogue07-10-052733.5829500
40-50+g/hr - Maraudon FARMING!Hunter06-04-07483.9032905
A Taste of Cheesecake (HWL Rogue)Rogue06-09-013712.244041
Audacious vs. Gurtogg BloodboilPaladin07-08-19120-7945
Audacious Vs. IllidanDruid07-09-30127-4459
Audacious Vs. Kael'thasPaladin07-07-30254-2909
Back to The Shadows Priest PvPPriest06-06-15267-2428
Cataclysm + Firelands Patch 4.2 Promo Druid11-05-12114-4287
Cataclysm + Firelands Patch 4.2 Promo Druid11-05-1083-6088
Cataclysm Promo - Remedy - Kalecgos USDruid11-05-05325-5473
Chopstick - World PvP Video/EngineerMage07-01-091414.085618
Cowmoo - Elemental ShamanShaman06-09-243492.818666
Cowmu PvP 1Warrior08-07-156363.504119
Day in BG with FloppyWarrior07-06-0692-1558
Draklo Mage PvP 2Mage07-04-161972.073280
Eklypse - Forgotten HealersDruid06-08-221024.485345
Eklypse - Forgotten Healers 2Druid07-01-143202.882334
Enderx PvPWarlock06-04-011743.843197
Enfrostment 1Shaman08-05-055273.3133338
Enhancement PvP - Mylittlegoat 2Shaman08-02-121482.4313603
Enhancement Shaman PVP - MylittlegoatShaman08-01-16532.6116210
Explosive Decoys blow up a bunch of noMultiple11-04-09136-5096
Fedekz - Some Video 1(70 rogue)Rogue07-03-201354.0813162
Fedekz 60 - ZinRokh WarriorWarrior06-09-081532.694941
Funny Bunny ZooMage08-01-06311.175306
GameFAQs Zombie RaidMultiple07-06-1827-2866
Guild Cuties Only - ICC - 25 Normal LiMultiple10-02-11220-9914
Guild Cuties Only - Ruby Sanctum - 25 Multiple10-07-07578-32677
Guildy ConscienceDeathknight09-03-10894.8134632
Hagen Mage PvPMage07-08-041861.625313
Harpo Felguard PvPWarlock07-01-13268-2403
Headshot - Hunter PvP VidHunter06-03-30284.364948
Headshot 2 - A Hunter PvP VidHunter06-04-02794.055499
Headshot 3 - A Hunter PvP VidHunter06-04-091353.704739
Heart of the WildDruid06-04-241194.7917906
Hizzo - Rank 14 Warrior PvPWarrior06-06-273843.3148380
Hizzo/Jay Arena PvPMultiple07-05-231493.0818163
How to solo farm Hoodoo Piles in ZG (rRogue06-03-18643.7124521
I Love RaidingPriest09-04-06954.7223952
IGN vs ArgalothHunter10-12-30281-4122
IGN vs MagmawShaman11-01-06398-3123
IGN vs Omnotron Defense SystemShaman11-01-14135-4295
IGN vs The Lich King 25Shaman10-10-31426-4749
Iniquity PvP TributeMage06-08-033303.192239
JiHAD 2400+ 5v5 4dpsRogue07-12-105702.9335220
Kargath PvPHunter06-06-21683.503313
Kargath PvP 2Hunter06-06-20124-3327
Keenarnor Moves Like JaggerMage11-11-2082-5284
Knights of the Shadows vs The Lich KinShaman10-06-06475-2503
Mylittlegoat - An Enhancement Story 3Shaman08-03-062123.5118626
Neith destroyer of noobsDruid06-05-13714.343083
Nonculture - 29 hunter PvP (Kalecgos)Hunter06-07-021023.695035
Old IronForge(After patch 1.8.4)Priest05-12-0834.228711
Paladin - A Hybrid StoryPaladin06-09-082221.5210067
Pretty Kittens of Doom Up Valithria DrShaman10-02-0894-4057
Pwnage Like Us Feat. Nyhm, Gigi & DruiDeathknight09-02-231204.3590492
Quíxotíca Rogue PvPRogue09-04-163683.009513
Reign vs BWLHunter06-03-30298-2975
Reign vs C'ThunHunter06-05-11111-7184
Reign vs GluthHunter06-07-1357-4176
Reign vs GrobbulusHunter06-07-1373-3952
Reign vs LethonHunter06-03-0299-3207
Reign vs Maexxna PriestPriest06-07-0865-3863
Reign Vs. ThaddiusHunter06-07-18493.6240695
Retribution Pally Vs. Teron GorefiendPaladin08-01-2771-5941
Shafer PvP 2Paladin07-04-121733.896228
Skimmer Warrior PvpWarrior09-04-142452.4510196
Smhz 1 - UD MageMage10-04-0548-4958
Tessa the Elementalist 1.11 PTRMage06-06-031224.768692
The Archetype Guild - Onyxia 10 ManMultiple09-10-06122-5235
The Mediocre MoonkinDruid06-01-0270-3737
The Nocturnal Order Vs. LurkerShaman08-03-2583-4799
The Nocturnal Order Vs. Void ReaverShaman08-03-2596-3498
The Pink Side of PVPMultiple08-05-01389-6006
The Year 6000: A WoW Music VideoMultiple09-07-2013-15045
Tweek level 19 RogueRogue06-01-22181.594083
World of FeralcraftDruid06-02-10794.388358
World of ZombiecraftMultiple10-04-08126-3468
WoW Attention Wh0re: The Movie [TraileRogue09-05-172484.6842063
WoW Attention Wh0ring 101Rogue08-06-14244.4289601