Server view : Scarshield Legion

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
2.0 Mage Arena PvPMage07-02-023714.5015884
2V2 Feral season 5.Multiple09-07-29657-3995
2v2Warrior Druid nr 1 RunetotemHunter08-08-211852.033491
60 level mage pvp action IIMage06-08-04541.832976
60 mage pvp movie ( TesT MoviE)Mage06-08-2244-2296
80lvl Rogue pwns Paladins and WarriorsRogue09-09-16874-6818
Afterlife - Small previewMultiple12-10-0532-10345
Algorath Retribution PvPPaladin08-01-261101.937183
Ascendant Council 25 manDruid11-04-17262-1959
Bladesin rogue pvp, Episode 1Rogue09-05-10451.5613645
Castelyn and Guuzi Warlock/Shaman PvP Warlock09-05-297593.008111
Completely Different Vs. Algalon the ORogue09-10-22135-5007
Crusader Strike Goes To The Blasted LaPaladin06-11-2135-1909
Deathbringer Saurfang by NordlysShaman10-02-26121-3529
Dezkuro - Destro PvPWarlock09-05-1939-3429
Elements - Feral Druid TR 2v2 3v3 DuelDruid10-10-201951-14569
Elements - Teaser/short filmUnknown10-07-1484-6661
Elements 2 - 3v3 Feral pov with skype Druid11-01-161739-29427
Elements 3Unknown11-06-03519-17841
Enter Zul'Gurub without being level 50Rogue06-06-16363.3813271
EoL Vs. NightbaneMage07-07-01174-1772
Evolution 1 - Rogue 2v2Rogue09-09-20545-10852
Evolution 1.5 Digital Power.Multiple09-11-30188-9637
Evolution 2 - Gone with the RNGDruid09-12-191059-21023
Evolution 3 - It's a dreamDruid10-01-18258-11622
Fallow - Vanquished YearsMage08-02-296203.894223
Festergut HC 10 by Primal FusionShaman10-05-2174-3116
Fetes TG IIWarrior09-03-282203.294653
Fire and Frost Patch 4.0.1 - Elements Mage10-10-311125-11965
Gamanor - 29 Hunter PvPHunter07-09-241271.004737
Get On My HornsShaman10-02-28339-97663
Get On My Horns - TrailerShaman10-01-2681-60094
Golden Art's: Rythm ( Moonkin Pvp )Druid10-05-0879-5539
Golden Arts - Chaos ( Firemage pvp )Mage10-06-02179-7693
Golden Arts Presents: Evolution 4 - FaWarrior10-04-17210-3685
Gone with the RNG 2 - Introduction - TDruid10-08-11488-18324
Gone with the RNG 3 - PreviewWarlock11-04-091378-46362
Gone with the RNG 3 - Proper PreviewDruid11-05-15433-16027
Gunship HC 10 by Primal FusionShaman10-05-2174-3906
GuwauSethen - Destruction PvPWarlock11-07-26418-13456
GuwauSethen and Calebros - Herrarna i Warlock09-05-20303-4476
Halaa world pvp lv 70Mage13-03-03390-3331
Halfus wyrmbreakerDruid11-04-19209-1763
Incredible Hunter TricksHunter08-07-094022.5433172
Khazrand ta Khaz ModanPaladin09-04-2063-2381
Lady Deathwhisper by Primal Fusion @ SShaman10-03-18100-3199
Lady Deathwhisper HC 10 by Primal FusiShaman10-05-2183-3538
Lady JusticePaladin09-04-22101-5285
Lauron & Silverwing Outrunners versus Multiple08-02-08124-2363
Lich King 10 by Primal FusionShaman10-04-26236-4345
Lord Marrowgar by Primal Fusion @ ScarShaman10-03-20525-2819
Loxyz (Resto Sham 3k+) - Resto sham / Shaman12-11-27600-26292
Lumé Quenta - 5 man nothMultiple10-02-0330-3825
Lumé Quenta - Alysrazor 10 manWarrior11-11-06196-2129
Lumé Quenta - Baleroc 10 manWarrior11-11-0780-1743
Lumé Quenta - Gunship battle 10 manMultiple10-02-2871-3323
Lumé Quenta - Lady Deathwhisper 10 manMultiple10-02-2870-3256
Lumé Quenta - Lord Marrowgar 10 manMultiple10-02-0527-2897
Lumé Quenta - Majordomo Staghelm 10 maWarrior11-11-0785-2626
Lumé Quenta - Rotface 10 manMultiple10-02-0659-2750
Lumé Quenta - Saurfang 10 manWarrior10-01-2753-2629
Lumé Quenta - Valithria Dreamwalker 10Multiple10-02-2875-2848
Massif Cleavage Fotonio 3v3 HunterHunter09-07-19815-80727
Nexus Vs. MagtheridonPaladin08-05-31109-2250
Night & Ric Arena 2v2 IMage07-07-031093.133160
Not Another Teed MovieShaman09-05-166024.3463769
Ooz - PvPShaman06-10-212684.035515
Ooz PvP HQShaman06-10-192682.004611
Peace - Short film, Aka: There is no wDruid10-06-2561-7030
Protribution 2v3Paladin09-08-02290-23971
Radalf PvP Twink 29Hunter08-09-28491.033403
Razkuro IRogue09-06-1361-5795
Razkuro level 76Rogue09-06-1227-4505
Ritom - Rank 11 Frost MageMage06-09-2396-1713
Rp-pvp The last video of a frost mageMage07-01-23465-3541
Sartharion 3d - Hard ModeShaman10-03-27152-3483
Sephriona: The Deadly AngelRogue09-08-25101-7701
Sephriona: The Deadly Angel Rogue09-08-28283-6620
Shadow priest Pve on High King MaulgarPriest07-02-1570-5009
Shaman/Druid Nuke ComboShaman08-09-284342.6042011
Siege of UlduarShaman09-05-25558-3409
Teed - Elemental SophisticationShaman09-02-275944.52120572
Teed VShaman11-04-26487-118274
Teed V - Teaser TrailerShaman11-03-0659-25642
The Best Feral vs Feral Duel Ever RecoDruid10-12-04245-43218
The ElementalistShaman09-10-31863-209798
The OwlbeastDruid10-11-20265-72942
The Owlbeast - TrailerDruid10-05-0241-59078
Theobell level 19 Warlock TwinkWarlock08-07-13308-3589
Tscully - Mage PvPMage06-07-11279-2376
Turkey MadnessMultiple10-11-2415-4337
Unleashed Rage -1-Shaman07-06-074512.145268
Valiona & theralionDruid11-04-19247-2355
Virus - Feral/Moonkin POV at TR ( DuelDruid10-06-17356-18374
What about the ForestUnknown10-11-1089-17871
Zavius helps Shadrech grab a beer mid Priest09-09-0529-4225