Deathbringer Saurfang "I've Gone And Made A Mess" Meta Achievment 10 Men - Sanctuary Nazjatar-EU par nexxen
Class: Voleur | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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The first four bosses of ICC are not very difficult at all, so we decided to get the metaachievments as early as possible and before the second quarter opens.

"I've Gone And Made A Mess" is the most difficult achievment we have ever made - ironic off. ;-)
Frapsed after Saurfang was "buffed" so nuketactic with 1 tank 1 heal is not possible anymore I think.

Just a mutilate dps video, cause i did not find a good quality one at the moment on warcraftmovies. Not as much editing, very static fight. Saurfang 10 Man World of Logs top 10 DPS at the moment i uploaded the logs.

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