Poweraura Tutorial v2.0 Mage spells etc par Vlammenzee
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Couse there is a lot of QQ on here.just check the youtube version.and watch it in full hd + full screen.

Ive got a lot of questions about my ui.and mostly bout the poweraura setup.
so hearby a small tutorial how to set it up.mostly made this so dont have to tell 10 people the same each day rofl :P

1).Poweraura concole command /powa
2).Click new to start a macro.
3).Left click to show it.Right click to show options.
4).At ??? u type in the spell/action ure using.
5).Its case sensative and be sure to choose the right type of spell/action.
6).Close the editor.left click the icon do close it.and close powerauras.
7).When u cast now it should light up.
8).Enhanced settings for Timers + Stack count.
9).At the Timer + Stack tab u can add another bar for the current spell/action.
10).It shows position X / Y as the same edit options for the icons.u can also change the font and fontsize.
11).You can also change the animation option for the Icon.there is a main+secondary animation.so u can overlay them.you can also increase/decrease the speed of the animation.

It pretty works out for itself if u spent a little time with it.and if u do something wrong.just delete the macro.and retry :)
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