The Christmas Tale of Greedy Dillord Copperpinch par Rainy Robot Pictures
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Standing there freezing in the cold, without a loving family and without any gold, Dillord copperpinch felt his heart fill with resent, as each child asked santa for a christmas present.
You see, Dillord was once the center of attention,
but during Christmas, it's a completely different situation.

Walking home from a pointless day,
He looked up and saw a flying sleigh,
Rushing through the town, he thought of a terrible plan, that once again would make him a succesful man.

In a small house, outside of town,
The snow had fallen and the fire burned down
A young girl was lying in her bed,
Dreaming of christmas and presents ahead,
But unsetteling as it were, a hundred feet above,
Santa was in trouble, with no help from love.

As the morning came and dillord woke up,
he ran outside and put up his shop.
Hundreds of parents stood anxiously in line,
since they had to buy christmas presents with each single dime.

A little girl was crying by Santa's empty chair,
she wore a pink dress and had long, yellow hair.
Dillord almost felt bad and handed her a cone of ice,
But seeing as it was from Dillord Copperpinch, it had a price..
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