Learning Arenas (Again) 2 - Spriest Rogue 2.1k + par Shigekazu
Class: Prêtre | Category: PvP | Serveur : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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Son I Am Dissapoint
Shigekazu Willeh
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Hello everyone I'm back with another Learning Arena's video! (2nd week)

AGAIN - ALL OPPONENTS WERE TERRIBLE, NOT THE POINT OF THE VIDEO. We're at a fairly low rating anyway, so the opponents can't always be good anyway, the video is completely for entertainment value and learning purposes.

The feedback was fairly positive, and yes, I am Carried By the Rogue thank you very much. Here's another video for the week! As promised Carried by the Rogue 3 is still in production, but finals are coming up soon so I don't have as much time as I would like to create them; the weekly video is pretty much all I can do.

Hardstyle - Video Edit (Streamline Edition)

Again, if you like this video please subscribe to my youtube channel!


Constructive criticism is always welcome and greatly appreciated.
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