Raycharles - Warrior Pressure and Awareness in PvP par Skill Capped
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Movie Summary
Skill-Capped.com Presents an instructional video by Raycharles.

In this episode of Cataclysm & You, Ray goes over when and where pressure points should be placed in Warrior play, and playstyle decisions and mindsets with recorded playback of 3v3 matches.

Introduction - 0:28
Regular speed playback - no commentary - 1:05
Instructional Analysis - 4:20
Summary and Track List - 15:15

Even if you are not a Warrior you can learn a lot about the class and what to look out for when playing with or against one in PvP!

Skill Capped will be uploading a new instructional video every week for Warcraftmovies.com. However, more instructional videos by Raycharles and other top players can be found at Skill-Capped.com! Skill Capped is a website dedicated to improving your gameplay by offering the best instructional content on the web from the best players in the world.

Another free Warrior video by Zanso called 'Scoring Kills as a Warrior':
Zanso's Scoring Kills as a Warrior

Thanks to Warcraft Movies for the awesome opportunity, and I hope this great community enjoys our contributions.
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