Cottage - Tips and tricks for Resto Druids par Skill Capped
Class: Druide | Category: Guides | Serveur : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary presents a WoW video about Resto Druid tricks and tips in Arena by Cottage.

Special thanks to for giving us this great opportunity. We hope the incredible fan base here at WCM enjoys our contributions to the community!

Cottage is one of the best Resto Druids in the world, and he does his best to highlight some of the most effective strategies he uses in PvP.

partner eats trap: 00:22
NS cyclone healer for kill: 00:56
bash to NS cyclone for kill: 01:30
NS hybernate on kiting druid: 02:15
NS hybernate Ghostwolf!: 02:45
shift focus polymorph 03:39
re-cyclone a trinket instantly: 04:35
cyclone to prevent heals into NS on healer: 05:47
bash into hibernate into cyclone on druid: 06:35
cyclone shield wall (triple team cc): 07:19
anticipate rogue opener: 07:48
tranquility on smokebomb: 09:15
drop combat and drink in stealth: 10:18
partner intervene's trap: 11:45

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All music in this video is performed by SubVibe. Check them out!

Edit: Keep in mind, we are uploading instructional content to Warcraftmovies. We are putting out content to help people trying to improve in arenas, and the vast majority of people who play can pick something up from videos like this. We understand that there are very high rated critics in this community who may not learn anything from this sort of video. Thanks to those who comment constructively, we are listening!
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