Zelyx - Commentary - Situational Awareness and Positive Mindset in PvP par Skill Capped
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Zelyx 2

This instructional video is an absolute MUST SEE for anyone who wants to progress. It contains invaluable tips and insight from a player who went from below 2k to 3k+ on multiple priests.

All of the matches are against top players. The clips you see were selected in order to be instructional rather than demonstrate flashy play. However, there are tons of action packed games in this video!


Game Awareness
- Focus Target 1:25
- Field of Vision 3:10
- Situational Awareness 4:07
Beyond the Focus Target 5:45
Positive Mindset
- Correct Mindset 10:11
- Team Morale 11:40
- Mental Fatigue 12:56
Summary 14:55

Current Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Z%c3%a9lyx/advanced
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