Tosan Arena - Rykinia 3 (Ruthless Gladiator Hunter) par Tosan
Class: Chasseur | Category: PvP | Serveur : US - Hydraxis ( Emberstorm )
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Tosan's Arena Team 1
Rykinia (Tosan) Ayume Secondaryz
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Here is my latest Hunter Arena PvP video, footage from Season 10 and 11.

Since 4.2 and 4.3 are quite different (including buffs to my comp in 4.3), this is for clarification on which patch is in effect in each clip:
Human clips = Season 10
NE clips = Season 11

Thanks for watching, I hope you like!

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1) F-777 - A Lifetime (Remix of Soulero Track)
2) F-777 - Wander of Thought
3) F-777 - We Will Fly
4) F-777 - System Split
5) F-777 - Dark Angel
6) F-777 - Life
7) F-777 - Skittles
8) DJ-Nate - colab w F-777 preview

Check out F-777 aka Jesse Valentine on his Youtube channel and Newgrounds for all his badass music! Free to download from directly from the second link below!

Also dj-Nate! Thanks to both these awesome artists.

I upload a lot of random arena clips (usually with skype) on Youtube, so if you want to see regularly uploaded Arena clips of multiple classes SUBSCRIBE: TosanTribe Youtube Channel :)

If you're interested in instructional videos (including a commentary version of this video I'll be uploading soon), check out here!: Skill-Capped

And lastly, feel free to check out one of my Skill-Capped Guides for free here: Situational Awareness (Part 2)

Thanks again for watching!
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