Flaw 6 par Flaw
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Hello and welcome to Flaw 6. It�s very similar to what you�ve come to expect of me. Think Flaw 4 content , with the finesse of Flaw 5, although this movie is better than both in my honest opinion. In case this is your first experience with a Flaw movie, here�s the rundown.

What to expect:

Battleground Footage ( 1vN with little to no assistance from my own teammates, the closest thing to WPVP without having to deal with flying mounts and wandering aimlessly for hours. What these opponents lack in gear/skill they make up for in numbers. Beating multiple equally geared/skilled opponents isn�t realistic, just enjoy the entertainment. Think of Kung Fu movies. There�s no need to point out the obvious in that these players are bad. Don�t be �that guy�.)

Arena Footage (2v2 as Disc/Rogue , no skype)

Subtle Editing (No flashy effects or color correction, but instead subtle zooms and synchronized music/footage)

Original Soundtrack ( I often feel like my movies are carried by the soundtrack. You won�t find any dubstep/trance/metal here.)

5.3 Assassination Spec (Creative and fluid use of abilities such as Mark for Death, Paralytic Poison, Dispatch, and Envenom. I wanted a purely dps spec with every talent invested into energy conservation and combo generation. Talents such as Shadow Focus and Cheat Death were chosen for this reason.)

Focus in a non arena setting (This is something I've done in the past and can be overlooked. It isn't something you see very often in these types of movies. It's easy to write off what I'm doing as simply ganking, but there is a bit more finesse to it than that if you are paying attention)

What not to expect:

Duels ( debating on making a dueling movie, don�t hold your breath though)

3v3 and 5v5 ( I�ve been playing Thug Cleave and don�t find the footage entertaining. Generally speaking our strategy is to tunnel healers, and it usually works. I also just finished gearing my toon and have yet to find a dedicated team due to the amount of team hopping on Tich)

Sub Spec (Nothing against Sub, but I wanted a change of pace. Keep in mind this entire video was recorded post rogue nerfs. I honestly felt like I wasn�t even playing my class anymore with abilities such as Cloak and Dagger, Subterfuge, and Shuriken Toss.)

About the Intro:

I have a feeling the intro is going to rustle a few jimmies out there. Let me make this clear, there is nothing wrong with streaming. My issue is not with streaming . My issue is with the people that are making a mockery of something I used to love. There are a handful of people exploiting the masses for subscriptions and donations under the disguise that it is WoW related. The top movies on twitch for example are generally just chicks showing some cleavage or �twerking� while they occasionally do an RBG or sit idle. Not to bash entirely on the female gamers, the men are just as much whores as anyone else. Keep in mind, I�ve been playing this game since it came out. I used to look up to PvP movie makers and study every move they made. I would look forward to their new releases. It was something special to me and it was what I strived to be as a WoW player. By the time I finally reached my goal, the goal was on its way to the grave. Now I dare say it is officially dead. We no longer have a voice. Our voice has been replaced by teenage elitests that reached 2200 this season and have a huge chip on their shoulder as if they accomplished something. Our voice has been replaced by shallow whores that want to exploit us gamers for a quick buck. There is no passion left in it anymore. I can only hope my video lights a fire in someone�s ass and inspires them to express themselves with the same level of passion that I have. I know that�s what the PvPer�s before me did for me. I hope you enjoy this, I worked very hard on it just for YOU. I don�t get paid for this. I don�t want your subscriptions. I just want to express myself and entertain you. Thank you and Enjoy.

TL;DR - Issue is not with streamers as a whole. Here is the problem. Look at this list of the most viewed streams on twitch and tell me if you notice a pattern.


Song List

Arctic Monkeys � Do I Wanna Know
Jai Paul � Track 2
Phantogram � Turning Into Stone
Grizzly Bear � Yet Again

Unfortunately there will be no Youtube link as the video got muted due to copyright. There is however a HD 1080p download link to the right. Just click "Download/Other Mirrors"

Background Thanks to Obscured-Fates !

Here's a few songs off the top of my head to keep you guys busy. Enjoy.
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