Garrosh [World of Warcraft Parody of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast] par Khayllys
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Parody of "Gaston" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast
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Rune Imagiro

Fanny the Goblin:
Silver Letomi

Orc Chorus:
Akyrix Productions








Garrosh: Who does he think he is? That troll has tangled with the wrong orc! NO ONE demotes Garrosh!
Fanny: Hah! Darn right!
Garrosh: Dismissed! Rejected! Beaten by 25 SCRUBS in LFR! Why it's more than I can bear.
Fanny: More beer?
Garrosh: What for? Nothing helps. I'm disgraced.
Fanny: Who, you? Never. Garrosh, you've got to pull yourself together!

F: Gosh it disturbs me to see you Garrosh
Looking like you've sprung a leak
Every orc here'd love to be you Garrosh
Even though Thrall made you weak (G: HEY!)
There's no orc around as admired as you
You're everyone's favorite guy
We know that you'll turn around and pull through
And it's not very hard to see whyyyyy

No one's buff like Garrosh
Knows his stuff like Garrosh
Kicks out all of the Horde's useless fluff like Garrosh
For there's no orc who's been as fantastic
You brought back all the power of the Horde, and grief
You can ask any Grom, Bork, or Mankrik
And they'll tell you that you were their favorite Warlord! Er, Chief!

All: No one's big like Garrosh
Wears a wig like Garrosh
F: Is a racist and bigoted pig like Garrosh!
G: Well that's because the orcs are the master race!
All: My what a guy that Garrosh!
Give 5 congratz, give 12 GGs!
F: Garrosh will have all the Allies on their knees!

All: No ones beats like Garrosh
Slaughters meats like Garrosh
MALE ORC: In a Tauren Duel nobody cheats like Garrosh! (G: That wasn't me!)
FEMALE ORCS: For there's no one as cruel or vicious!
G: Uprisings I will nip in the bud!
F: All his enemies swim with da fishes!
G: That's right! And every last inch of me's covered with BLOOD!

All: No one flirts like Garrosh
Ditches work like Garrosh
F: After raid timers no one Berzerks like Garrosh!
G: All your raids better move at a faster pace! (dies) NO!
All: Get loot from Garrosh!

G: When I was a babe, my father went away
To make us strong again's what he vowed
Well now that I'm grown I lead people his way
Father, look at me now, aren't you proud?!
F: Are you gonna be ok?
G: ... Yeah.

All: NO ONE'S bored like Garrosh
Was ignored like Garrosh
F: Or reclaims Kalimdor for the Horde like Garrosh!
G: I use antlers in all of my decorating!
All: My what a guy! Garrosh!!


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