Generosity - 7 Values of Winter Veil (A Christmas Special) par Miriql
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Great Father Winter has arrived and the denizens of Eastern Kingdoms gather in Ironforge to receive their presents, but Brassbrew wants all the presents.

A special thank you to Mooclucking, Lawrencium and Amanda for voice acting.

Also would like to share my thanks to my guild, who ran over the bridge, Doronsmovies for the art, Warden Machinima and Kakio for letting me in the collab and Jeromnimo for Wowmodelviewer :)


7 Values of Winter Veil:

1.Friendship (Hirumaredx) -
2.Generosity (MiriQL) -
3.Kindness (Kakio) -
4.Selflessness (Pukki Studio) -
5.Respect (Lawrencium) -
6.Humility (Doronsmovies) -
7.Patience (Warden Machinima) - link


The collaboration includes all these wonderful people:

Pukki Studio:
Warden Machinima:
Big Matty:

See me on Facebook:
Twoot @Miriql here:

Jingle Bells 7 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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