Selflessness - 7 Values of Winter Veil (A Christmas Special WoW Machinima) par Pukki Studio
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Movie Summary
It is time for Celebration. The Winter Veil is here! An orc shaman, Pukki has been trying to organize great big Winter Veil party but there is only one little problem. The company! Pukki realizes that he can't do this alone but luckily there is one good friend who might be able to help him.

Wow Machinima By Pukki Studio.


7 Values of Winter Veil:

1. Friendship (Hirumaredx) -
2. Generosity (MiriQL) -
3. Kindness (Kakio) -
4. Selflessness (Pukki Studio) -
5. Respect (Lawcrencium) -
6. Humility (Doronsmovies) -
7. Patience (Warden Machinima) - link


A big thanks to the people who were in this collaboration project!

MiriQL Movies:
Warden Machinima:
Lawrencium Productions:
Big Matty:


Also special thanks to these amazing voice actors in the video:

Lawcrencium Productions:
Wrath's House:



Jingle Bells 7:
Joy to the World (Instrumental)
Fairy Tale Waltz
We Wish you A Merry Christmas (Instrumental)
World of Warcraft Music - Battle (Molten Core)
Fairy Tale Waltz: , ,
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