Mage solo - Odyn (Trial of Valor) Mythic par Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
This fight is hell.

So, first of all : I am using a bug in the shield mechanic, otherwise this fight would be simply impossible.
How it works : Hymdall, Hyrja and Odyn all have a spell called Valarjar Bond, where if they get closer than 35y of each other, their damage taken is reduced by 99%. However, with good timing it is possible to bypass the mechanic.

Right at the pull, I use a specific trajectory to pull Hyrja. The shield applies, but they get far enough that it gets removed, but in the meantime Hymdall has aggroed and run towards me, and gets closer to Hyrja faster than the shield reapplies. From this point onwards, if I keep them close, the shield will never reapplies, eliminating P1 difficulty completely.

The encounter however is far from over.

P2 is the most difficult part, since the shield also applies to Odyn and cannot easily be abused the same way as in P1, forcing me to resort to pet tanking. At the beginning of P2, I position my pet close to Hyrja and Hymdall spawn points and put it to passive. Once they spawn, I make my pet attack them and take aggro, so that Odyn and Hyrja / Hymdall are always more than 35y apart.

There are however multiple complications :

- Sometimes Hyrja and Hymdall retain aggro from P1, making pet tanking impossible and forcing a reset.
- If Hyrja or Hymdall stays in combat more than 1 minute without being brought under 85%, they will stack Valarjar's Might, increasing they damage done by 250% and stacking, effectively a game over
- The pet alone cannot bring them under 85% as its DPS is way too low, so you have to help, but doing that will inevitably take aggro and the shield will be a problem again, so a bad crit can get you in a lot of trouble (you can see a couple times where this went wrong)
- In P2 Odyn will spam Spear of light, which as a caster is a nightmare to deal with, plus the orbs stun you and a bad combo can lose a lot of time

Once you manage your way through P2, P3 is much easier. This is a simple DPS race, so keep bloodlust and cooldowns from here. There is one catch : Stormforged Spear. This ability deals low damage but stacks a 150% debuff that cannot be removed even with Ice Block. This is were our trusty Mirror Images save us, by taking aggro and thus spears, they allow us to reset the spear stacks, because fortunately pets can get the spear, not only players, which is unusual for this type of mechanic.

There are also multiple upsides to this encounter : you can completely ignore most mechanics.

- In P1, both Hymdall and Hyrja, being level 112, will miss a lot of abilities (careful, they CAN miss but won't always will) thus avoiding lots of damage
- In P2, you don't have to worry at all about Runic Brand (the color marks), since you have all at once, the game considers you cannot step on the "wrong" tile because you have all colors.
- Unerring Blast does a bit of damage, but not enough to be a real trouble
- Adds can be completely ignored

Music :

Shogun Taira - Flagbearer

Shogun Taira - Deception

Enjoy :)
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