Mage solo - Eternal Palace 7/8 Mythic + Queen's Court 2man par Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Hyjal ( Cataclysme )
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This video could pretty much be Azshara only, since the only real difficulty is there. The rest is very easy, apart from Queen's Court which is impossible for us at the moment.

00:00 - Intro
00:09 - Commander Sivara: No difficulty
00:35 - Blackwater Behemoth: No difficulty
01:00 - Radiance of Azshara: Avoid tornados, otherwise trivial
01:52 - Lady Ashvane: No difficulty, bonus achievement
02:20 - Orgozoa: No difficulty
03:33 - Queen's Court: Impossible to solo, bosses can never be stacked. I had a friend come to help, took us a few tries.
04:30 - Za'qul: Don't use anything on pull, wait for stun+fear to wear off, then use all cooldowns. Get rid of adds as much as possible with passive cleave.
06:05 - Queen Azshara: Ooooh boy. I legitimately thought this was impossible, up until I got some really good pulls that got my hopes up. This attempt was pretty much perfect RNG, both from a DPS standpoint and a damage taken / fight mechanics standpoint.

Let's start with Phase 1 : You need to get rid of both adds before the first Overzealous Hulk spawn, otherwise it's a reset. Also, both adds need to die from the ToTM splash, or Cyranus will enrage and destroy you quickly. And you need to do all of that without potion, bloodlust or trinkets, because you will need everything on Azshara.
The only consistent strategy I found was this: prepull Evocation, Blast + Orb to Cyranus, Nether Tempest then 2 more Arcane Blasts. Switch to Aethanel, Radiant Spark, 2 (yes, two) Arcane Blast, Nether Tempest, Counterspell the Chain Lightning, Arcane Surge then blow them up and pray for good crits. This works roughly 50% of the time.

Then, Intermission 1: What Decrees you get pretty much doesn't matter, you'll survive. Bombs no do damage.

Phase 2: This is pretty much pure DPS. Get everything ready, then Mirror Images right before Beckon, and Blink away. Then, move far away again and use EVERYTHING you got. She needs to be below 40% after the ToTM splash, or it's not worth it.

Intermission 2: Now Decrees matter a lot more, and so do bombs. Avoid stacking Sanction as much as possible, and save Ice Block for when intermission is over. I used Alter Time to survive the bombs explosion, the timing is not too difficult once you have lots of attempts.

Phase 3: Instantly over since we pushed Azshara below 45%. Just use Ice Block to heal up and wait for Sanction stack to wear off.

Phase 4: Use all cooldowns again and pray for good RNG with the Myrmidon, as he hits like a truck. I got a lot of good misses which granted me the kill. Don't bother with the adds or the console, you don't have the time for that as the Wards are drained super fast. The kill was probably ~1s away from an unavoidable wipe.

So there you have it ! Hope you enjoyed :)

Music :

Pendulum - Come Alive
Oh The Larceny - Light That Fire
ANDY SVGE - Moonshine

Enjoy :)
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