Click Boom - Sympathy V2 by RopeDrink
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Khadgar ( Reckoning )
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"Click Boom - Sympathy V2"

NOTE: Movie was released 2009-01-27.

Created as part of the CLICK-BOOM project - Casual PvP Movie #10

Re-Uploaded On Request! No more 2xParts - It's the original.

Howdy - If you are reading this, I'm aware some if not most of my movies are broken here on WCM. I'm trying to re-collect them from the archive in order to re-upload them now that YouTube has lifted the 10minute restriction, as well as include them in a little work-related portfolio.

In the meantime, whether an old ClickBoom fan, or a new viewer, feel free to follow me on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

I no longer play WoW, so "ClickBoom - OpenFaceFun" is/was my most recent, and last, ClickBoom movie.

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