Eviscerate: Arenas Vol. III by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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*As always, the download is higher quality than the stream. If you do stream, the one on roguerogue is better, i just put up the others to give an option.*

I recorded most of these clips a few weeks ago. We havenít had time to play much since then other than a few days this week, which luckily gave me a chance to finish up the video before the coming content patch. This is a compilation of 3.08 Arena as well as a few duels.

The arena footage consists of more mut rogue / frost mage content against some of the best players in the Rampage battlegroup.

I have one 3v3 clip in here but its mostly 2v2, as thatís the only bracket Iíve really focused on this season thus far. The clips were recorded between 2300-2470, and at one point we were the highest rogue/mage in the world.

For some mage rogue and general arena strategy, you can check out an article I recently wrote about this here: http://roguerogue.com/2009/01/21/mage-rogue-strategy/

There are a few duels in here as well, mostly against mages (which I havenít shown duels against in a while). This really more to mix things up and isnít the focus of the video.

Music: I used all trance+progressive in this video. If it's different from your norm, either give it a chance or mute it and play your own.

Sunlounger - Aguas Blancas
Orjan Nielsen - La Guitarra
Paul Van Dyk - New York City
Above & Beyond - Air for Life
Rank 1 and Jochen Miller - "And then..."

For my UI, click the UI link. If you have any questions, pm me on Warcraftmovies or email us at [email protected]

I also want to note that I'll be sticking with prep / mut in 3.09, at least for a while. I played around with it a bit and the damage still felt sufficient, but i guess we'll see as things progress..
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