Buddhist 3v3: Ming must die! by Buddhist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Buddhist's Arena Team 1
Adamman Buddhist Cel
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WoW 3.08
Edit time: 3 months, 100-200 hours of edit-grinding
Render time: 10.5 hours
Codec: Divx 30.8 MB per min
Team comp: Rogue Rogue Priest

Okay, first of all, this is a video made to entertain, more of a machinima than a PvP vid. I wasn't really trying to display skill, but if you think I played poorly, I disagree lol. Obviously I don't think that Ming is particularly good, I just chose him because he's easy to make fun of. Oh yeah, and really, this should not be used as a measure of Rogue effectiveness in arena atm, things have changed.

Anyway, much of the humor will be lost on you if you aren't familiar with some of the more obscure references:
-Ming is an popular blogger, with a long track record of Naruto references. He also claims to be the "Rogue Hokage", another reference to Naruto. "Jutsus" are like techniques or skills, from Naruto.
-Serennia: watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rAtlp2dDPU&fmt=18
-If you didn't realize it, the over-editing at some parts was done satirically as a joke.

During the vent section of the video, you can't hear my voice (I didn't talk), only Cel's and Adamman's, because of how FRAPS works when it records audio.

Voice acting:
-Buddhist by himself
-Cel by Maori
-Adamman by Cel
-Narrator by Cel
-Ming by Naruto
-Brutal Gladiator by Random girl with strep throat

Programs used:
-WoW 3.08
-Vegas Pro 8.0
-After Effects CS4
-Flash CS4

-Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, played by Buddhist
-Various audio mixes, by VideoCopilot.net
-Sensual Woman by The Herbaliser
-Swing Lite by Luke Vibert
-Fragments of a Lifetime by Peo Kindgren
-Cry Baby Planet, FF7 Remix
-Still More Fighting, FF7 Boss Battle Theme
-Victory Fanfare, FF7 Victory Theme
-Black Wing Metamorphosis, FF7 Remix
-Ultimecia, FF8 Final Boss Theme
-Green Sleeves, played by Buddhist

No, I don't claim to be good at guitar, in fact I suck, but I liked the tie-in concept and went with it.

You better enjoy this shit.
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