Closure full ulduar clear! World #6 by Roddy
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Closure on Stormscale (EU)
Full Ulduar clear (except for Algalon)

April 17th 2009.

Closure website!
#closure @ quakenet

The WG streams are divided into 3 parts!
It's NOT 3 copies of the same stream!

However, we REALLY recommend you to get the downloadable version to get the most out of this movie.


This shows first kills of all Bosses in Ulduar heroic normal mode from several PoV's.
We are aware that the file-size may be a bit frightening but we asure you it's worth it.

Some bosses are shown more than others, but they are all in there.
We did not want to just show the last 10 seconds of all bosskills.
Therefor the movie could not be shortened down any more without ruining the whole idea behind it.

So what do you get for this huge download?

- All bosses shown in one movie!
- Several PoV's including: Rogue/ Priest.
- Boss emotes included on Yoggi for increased epicness.
- Nerdrage from hell!
- A race against "server shutdown"!
- All this and more in chrystalclear quality!

So yes, it's definitely worth the download!

Thanks to Pajje for hosting my domain/mirror over at Djurpark

Roddys UI - here!
Hippos UI - n/a

Video Codec: x264
Audio Codec: AC3
Resolution: 1050p

Recommended player is VLC

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