NB 25 hard Vs. PHGP - feral DPS PoV by Temelin
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Drak'thul ( Reckoning )
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nerfed feral do Coliseum hard. First boss encounter is well known - Argent's zoo. Hot gear and raid check. Tanks getting IK like strikes... well any boss damage output hitting like a cistern. You have to have complex tactic and do it perfect, or wipe. Enjoy DPS race and maybe, you can explore some tricks to do this encounter, or do it smoother.


If you want to see my armory, just copy and paste "Babka" into EU armory - its guild leader. Find PHGP guild on Drak'Thul horde EU and there find "Temelin" with stupid special "i" letter, which is shown incoret in this font.

>>> But you will not see any shocking underpants actualy (bad luck in dropz). Also, after ArP nerf in 3.2.2, I ll take gear and gems for soft ArP cap + grim toll (wave to 5 passed Runestones). This will make my shred crit lower /sad panda.


If you have ANY question about my UI, please watch my Firefighter 25 movie on You (shall not put any music into movie) tube:


From 1:10 I'm explaining whole UI in comments.


My english still sux, so sorry.
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