Kurushimi vs. Classic Hard Modes by Kurushimi
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Staghelm ( Shadowburn )
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A Protection Paladin solos hard modes from Vanilla WoW. As a historical note these were never officially hard modes in the sense that they didn't award loot, titles, or anything at all (hello Earth, Wind, and Fire). But the mechanics were in place to do them. You will see:

Chromaggus + 2 (Fighting him with Flamegor and Ebonroc at the same time)
Chromaggus Time Lapse (Most lethal breath when soloing, one wrong move over the course of an hour and you can just fall over dead)
Hakkar + 4 (Leaving all Priests but Arlokk up buffing his health and adding abilities for each - Arlokk would be impossible to leave up because the Gouge he gains resets him if you're solo)

Ferry Corsten - We Belong (Original Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond - Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Some thoughts about tactics for those who care:

Doing Hakkar + 4, at least at the gear level when I did him, was largely luck in a sense. His worst abilities are the 6 second stun (Aspect of Mar'li) followed by his 5 second silence (Aspect of Jeklik). These heavily disrupt your DPS and the stun heavily increases the damage intake, so the challenge is to kill him before his enrage (which will kill you) while surviving without actually healing (because of the DPS time lost). In the kill I dodged and parried a fair amount of the stuns. Had I had one more stun go through I would have hit the enrage - might have just barely survived it. Two more and I would have been dead.

Chromaggus time lapse was an exercise in tedious positioning. I ate about 3 or 4 lapses total including the ones you see in the video. It was a complete fluke I survived the one I ate when he was enraged - the one shown in the video. Keep in mind this one was done before Ardent Defender was buffed so had the numbers rolled slightly higher, I would have been dead.

Chromaggus + 2 was an exercise in special gearing. When I first tried this I died about half a minute in. They tore through Holy Shield and just shredded me with all their attacks being unblocked. The goal was to create a set that would let me reach unhittable (102.4% avoidance+block) self-buffed without Holy Shield. Also note that this was done after Ardent Defender was nerfed from 30% DR to 20% DR.
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