Ulduar: The Movie - Parts 2 and 3 by Invisusira
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Movie Summary
Defiance is a cinematic presentation of the Blizzard's fantastic instance Ulduar, showcasing the boss fights and the lore behind it.

This is the combined parts two and three, showcasing the rest of the instance and hinting at what is to come.

If you missed part one, click the link! -->

Soundtrack Listing
Part II
Before the Antechamber Sequence
Kingdom Skies - Two Steps From Hell
Iron Council Sequence
Nemesis - Two Steps From Hell
Archivum Sequence
Atlantis - Two Steps From Hell
Kologarn Sequence
Flameheart - Two Steps From Hell
Auriaya Sequence
Hunter's Moon - Two Steps From Hell
Hodir Sequence
Hypnotica - Two Steps From Hell
Freya Sequence
Undying Love - Two Steps From Hell
Mimiron Sequence
Dragon Rider - Two Steps From Hell
Thorim Sequence
Freedom Fighters - Two Steps From Hell
Part III
General Vezax Sequence
North Country - Two Steps From Hell
Clash of Empires - Two Steps From Hell
Yogg-Saron Sequence
Wake of Desolation - Two Steps From Hell
The Truth Unravels - Two Steps From Hell
Found at the Lake - Two Steps From Hell
Prophecies - Two Steps From Hell
Sons of War - Two Steps From Hell
Algalon the Observer Sequence
Palladioi - Kerry Muzzey
What Do You See? - John Murphy
The Surface of the Sun - John Murphy
Love & Loss - Two Steps From Hell

\o/ \o/ Feedback tiems! \o/ \o/

Q: Is there a full version of all three parts?
A: Absolutely! Click the "Pally Stole My Bike" mirror to download the full 30 minute film (1 GB).

Q: Why no Bolvar in the Yogg vision/I don't get the end?
A: Most people shy away from the brain room in movies. I embraced it to sneak in a little back story for an upcoming project.

Q: What's with the ToC gear during Yogg?
A: This movie was filmed over the course of multiple months so you'll see us in many stages of gear, but the Yogg footage was a bit different. I'm actually main tanking while filming all of this; and while normally that's not a problem, when I was going through the Yogg footage I realized all the P1 and P3 stuff was just crap. Looking around for adds to run and pick up never gave me any time to find and hold proper angles. So, just last week, I had a couple other tanks (Meckel and Mitigation) take care of the ads in P1 and P3 so I could walk around shooting footage. That's why you'll see us in almost full ToC gear for that.

Q: Algalon 10?
A: Yes. This is not an e-peen movie, Direct Defiance is a casual guild on a casual server. We're one of only three guilds on Smolderthorn to have killed him in 10 man, and noone's even opened the planetarium on 25 man yet. I used to be in a hard-core cutting-edge raiding guild and never want to do that again.

Q: Are you going to make an Icecrown movie?
A: I am not currently planning on making an Icecrown Citadel movie; I have a couple other small projects and one massive project on my plate at the moment. My next massive project will be something that will completely change the way you look at fan-made videos.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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