Tehseus - 2850 Ret/Shaman #1 World by Tehseus
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aegwynn ( Blutdurst )
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Hey Everybody!

Before you watch pls notice that there are 5 TOTAL retpaladins in the top 100 2v2 ladder, yeah thats right, 5 TOTAL, so pls spare me with "Ret's op", thank you! Here is the link to the ladder: http://www.arenajunkies.com/rankings/2v2/

Its been a while since my last arena movie, but I got so much request to make a 2v2 movie, I just had to!

What you can except from this movie:

#1 Ret/Shaman with a 2850 mmr (Team is currently 2730 rated)

A little Ret Guide at the beginning of the movie (Tho to massive request)

Games against some well known PvP Players, for example Alca (Deadly Gladiator Cyclone Frostmage), Nnia (Furious Gladiator Cyclone DK), Nne (Furious Gladiator Bloodthurst Warrior), etc

Some NEW retri burst (SoV stacking+Badgerelict+Hero+Wings+Totems+Berserkerproc+Trinket=Fun)

Witness how op Bladestorm is :D

Gaar ! (My fantastic shaman mate, no one has his mana efficiency)

One thing I also really wanted to add is that the games I frapsed here where basicly all frapsed in one session, its not a selection from our best ones, its just our standard gameplay.
I basically just used every game I frapsed in the movie (Didnt fraps much latly because my shitty PC cant handle fraps anymore sometimes).

Well I hope you will enjoy it, I sure did playing and editing! I am happy for every feedback!

Oh yeah, big thanks to gedan for his great work on WCM!

Best regards

PS: You are welcome to reward me a skill pint if you think I deserve it!
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