Veil of Corruption II: Rotten Soul (Lorc's Song) by Varath
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Veil of Corruption II: Rotten Soul (Lorc's Song)
First movie Trailer to VoC II

Blackhand Pictures Blog:

Short summary

This is the first promotion trailer for our upcoming machinima "Veil of Corruption Chapter II". It is not a classic style trailer like e.g. a teaser trailer. A few weeks ago we wrote a song and recorded it. The song's topic was the story of Lorc, one the movie's main characters. We decided to make a music machinima of this song to show some scenes of VoC II that were already finished. So this is the result.

What is expecting me?

- a straight rock ballad written and recorded by us.
- some first cuttings from Veil of Corruption Chapter II
- a small story based novel of Lorc introducing into the storyline of VoC II. The story shows the fate of Lorc after the happenings of the first chapter of Veil of Corruption.

Who worked on this machinima?

- Varath: video editing, male vocals, song writing
- Hethu: Lyrics
- Ludvera: female vocals

Anything else important?

Yes! Maybe our song satisfied you?
We uploaded Rotten Soul to the amazon pages around the world. If you like it and want to support our machinima project you can buy Rotten Soul for 99 cents. Just search for Varath + Rotten Soul. In the next days it will also be available at iTunes, Nokia and Napster stores.

We are always looking forward to serious feedback, so feel free to write comments.

Blackhand Pictures Machinima

If you like to watch Veil of Corruption Chapter I, take a look here.

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