Evolution 1.5 Digital Power. by LOLiver
Class: Multiple | Category: Other | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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I made this one just to learn more about sony vegas, thats pretty much it, and I was bored so I started this project, its pretty much all about the editing, there isnt any pvp, any machinima or any cool story.

First of you will see three Logos, one is Evolution, wich was my mains pvp guild and in most of my movies you would probably most certain see players from evolution, therefor it also became my main logo.

The second logo is made for my main, called C�t, feral druid.

The third one is made for my new alt ( wich im already bored of :/ )
Inf�n�ty. Holy paladin mainly.

Everything made in this clip ive made all by myself, except for the track. I havent used any outside effects as adobe after effects or 3Dstudio max since I havent got into it quite yet. Photoshop is used aswell and WoW Machinima tool and Machinima studio.

Ive also dedicated a small part for the best hunter I ever known, its not his char in the clip but I used his name, he is quiting for now and will be missed since he was a big part of our 5v5 team but also a friend that I spent countless hours chating with.

You can also see his movie here


Wich is one of the best hunter movies there is in my opinion.

Plz post constructive comments. keep it clean.
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