Trev and Eroth: e1 - Desperate Measures by Nicolas Giordano
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Desperate Measures is the first installment of Trev and Eroth, a world set in World of Warcraft. The movie takes place a few years after the release of Wrath of the Lich King in the Warcraft time line but before Cataclysm (which defies a lot of historical logic in my opinion). Economical problems and a general state of chaos leads many people, both on the Alliance and Horde, to reconsider their governments. Grand Marshall Billy �Ocean� Clint of the Alliance has been impeached and removed from office. A new election is taking place between Jorge W. Boosh and Simply O for the office. The Horde�well they can�t do anything, they have a dictatorship with Warchief Thrall and all that.

Meanwhile our dwarven friend Trev is hearing rumors that the Great Forge in Ironforge may close down due to the hard economic times. His loyal 20 years of employment there may just flush down the toilet in a day. Eroth, Trev�s gnomish friend, is having financial troubles too and relationship problems with his fianc�e Ruthe as well�
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