Kinzin 2 : Classic PvP by Kinzin
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Hey, im back again with my 2ed movie. I play destruction in this one aswell. This movie do not contain any arena footage, only BG/worldPvP and Duels, + some fun stuff. Its made between the first week in patch 3.3.0( after the conflag nerf) to the last week in season 7. (two weeks after the resilience buff)

What do u meen with Classic?
In this movie my main goal is to bring back some of the old school classic pvp. Using more soulfire instead of CB fexp. In the duel part we only duel at old school classic places like, Tyr�s hand, AQ, BRS etc. The music i picked it Classic music, Classic Destro music and some new stuff.

Music traclist:

Edvard Grieg - Morgenstemning
Skillet - Hero
Wolfgang - Wolfgangs 5th Symphony
Sonic Syndicate - Unknown Entity
Rossini - Finale
Dead by April - Erased
Story of the Year - Wake up
A Day to Remember - The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle
Disarmonia Mundi - Perdution Haze, The Heretic Beat (remix)
Secret Garden - Nocturne

I made this movie as a tribute to all the good pvp movies that i love and have a lot of respect for, thanks to: Drakedog, Vurtne, Seksi, Eryx and Laintime and all the good pvp movies at lvl 60, Thanks for the Good times, and thanks for the inspiration. Peace!

PS. Some people might think i�m stupid and got leek of fantasy when i picked Sonic Syndicate. But the only reason i did that its because YES you heard it meny times, and YES u maybe seen it in meny other PvP movies, THATS why i chose it, because it�s a classic pvp band. =)

Hope you enjoy it!

*Update 8.april*
sorry for the lait fix on the DL link but now its up:D

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