Abub 2700+mmr Super Shatterplay by abub
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Warsong ( Ruin )
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abub's Arena Team 1
Searz Abubadub niyon
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So I finally got a new computer that allows me to record full size 60 fps! The quality of this video is very good so I didnt do any editing to "ruin" it.

This video features:
3v3: Shatterplay (mage,spriest,rshaman) 2600-2700 mmr
3v3: Double shadowpriest/Mage Around 2600 mmr
5v5: Super Shatterplay (Double spriest,Double Mage, Rshaman)2800+mmr

The 3v3 double spriest/mage was for FUN, and not to showcase any kind of "skill" along w/ the 5v5.

Our 5v5 has a 90% win ratio w/ a 2800+mmr, The comp is actually VERY good and it is a lot of fun. We dont even have to "try" to make this comp work simply because 5v5 is a joke. Id hate to see what this comp could do if we actually coordinated cc and such :D

Yes i use model/gear changes :D

Any ways I hope every one enjoys this video!

www.skill-capped.com Shatterplay commentary clips gogo :D

Music list:
Parkway drive- carrion
disarmonia mundi- shape of things to come
Parkway drive- idols and anchors
Inflames- tilt
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