Unmercey 8 - Heart Of A Hero by Unmercey
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Unmercey 8 - Heart Of A Hero

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What a long wait...
First I would like to talk about the tricks in this video from first to last.

1. 6:00 I used hunger for blood spec and made my own insane macro that does 12K+ damage instantly to anyone pvp geared.
Macro is /cast cold blood /cast envenom (or eviscerate your choice I made both tho) /use ur rocket glove item /use Global Thermal Sapper Charge.

2. 8:20 Blind vanish sap. Go figure.

3. 11:30 Mind control enchant from engineering. Go figure.

4. 12:00 Mind control enchant backfire that can counter killing spree, bladestorm, and hunter's beastwithin or whatever that makes them turn red. Yes it is very op.

5. 16:00 Mind control enchant backfire can't be trinketed.

6. 17:15 Goblin flame thrower backfire broke blind.

7. 18:08 Barov peasants breaks vanish if you summon it when the dude vanish just like how pets can break vanish. Same concept.

8. 22:18 Skymind intervened me, he's the best warrior.

9. 22:46 Blind vanish shadow dance sap.

10. 25:35 Summoned two fel hunters, I will not tell you how.

11. 28:10 Some alchemist potion that can deal aoe damage like demonology warlock.

Wall paper:

Song list:
Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh
Anberlin - Readyfuels
Silent Descent - Duplicity
Dying Diva - My love for you is bombproof
Adept - Shark shark shark
Skillet - Hero

Lastly, I would like to thank Deep River and Baron Soosdon for participating and helping out my project. Thank you everyone for supporting me and I'm sorry for such a long wait.

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