The Grind: Episode 3 by Oblivious Films
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Malygos ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
After nearly 3 years, the epic story of the guild "Oblivious" and their encounter with Onyxia comes to a shocking conclusion. All your favorite cast members return to finally figure out what it takes to slay the dragon... while a sinister, lurking evil has apparently targeted them for destruction!

Special thanks to Gobbler and D.W. of Myndflame, Ian Beckman, Jun Falkenstein and Pete "Snacky" Terrill of Stone Falcon, Oxhorn, and Candace "Menuet" Ranit for their help in bringing this movie home, and we deeply appreciate all our fans and that they still care about our little movie after so long a time.

To clear up a misconception, this isn't likely to be the last episode of the series, just the last one dealing with Onyxia.
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