World PvP Doesn't Exist Trailer by Frienemy / Flyingbeaver
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Burning Blade ( Vindication )
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My friends and I are from the golden age of vanilla WoW, before battlegrounds where you had to go out into Azeroth and always be prepared for a fight, whether you were a lowbie or level capped at 60. We miss those days every time we log on. The game's in a very boring state currently and we can only hope that cataclysm has something to do for us. Anyway, enjoy the teaser trailer.

Character - Salkovonluxx, Burning Blade US

Featured in the trailer: Zaldine, Klizz, Kolie, other friends and of course alliance scum.

Day Dreamer - Gorilla Zoe
Ya Get Skeeted On - Dark Heartz

It's not heavily edited so any comments on what I should do for the full movie are appreciated.
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