Tears in ICC - Casual 10&25(N) Multi-PoV Fun Runs! by RopeDrink
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Khadgar ( Reckoning )
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Howdy Folks!

This is my first ever full raid orientated Music Video - I don't expect it to do well as it is what I call a "Clip-Dump" showcasing multiple funruns through ICC10&25 over 4xDPS classes (alts/fresh-dinged/main) to the sound of easy going DnB.



Everyone knows me as a PvP'er, so having started my first ever journey into ICC last month I'm somewhat new to WotLK Raiding as a whole and it caused me to get very FRAPS happy along the way. Last night I realized I had 160gigs of footage in my Harddrive from multiple characters, beit in Guild Runs or PuG's, 10mans and 25mans, last month to the present day (as recent as last night) and rather than delete them or upload fights individually I decided to merge them altogether into one big flowing MV as a special thanks to all the people who've tolerated my PvP nub'self in their raids, especially Paradigm on Hordeside, Khadgar EU of whom I'm a member of.

The movie is built around two music tracks and shows killshots on all ICC encounters up to and partially including the LK, though the footage of LK was from last night, the first time I've ever seen him in-game! Needless to say the one single attempt we had before we had to call it was... Painful to say the least. It's been added on the end for fun.

If you're progressed in ICC and/or if you hate Drum'n'Bass'ish music, you may get no enjoyment from this - However, if you're looking for a light and easy 10mins of boss-kills in 10/25man then it might tickle your fancy.

Big thanks everyone, and good luck in your ICC endevours! Wish me luck when I get to face the LK properly!


Stan SB - Tears in Raid
Stan SB - Smudge
Banjo Kazooie - Gobi's Valley
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