Wardens of Azeroth by Erunno
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NOTE: The youtube version is split into two parts. Check the Stream mirrors for both parts or watch it on youtube directly.

This is not your classic WoW machinima. First off, it's a silent machinima and is not action oriented. It is also quite long even though it went trough a lot of cutting and re-editing. The original idea had a "second" chapter in mind, however due to the length I'll have to put the whole other chapter as a separate machinima. IF this one will gain any kind of attention or popularity.

Secondly, I am aware that it has a lot of flaws and I expect a lot of critique. Even I am really annoyed by the end result and was reconsidering it's release for quite a while.

Thank you and enjoy the movie (if you still want to see it :) )

As in the short "prequel" that I've released in 2009, the idea behind the machinima is that people are encouraged to use their imagination and explain or modify the story or intentions of the characters by themselves, to some extend.

I would also like to give out a very special thanks to SoulReave, Varath from Blackhand Machinima, Nixxiom from Silverlined Pro, Moomoney, FDK and Xaila for the support and helpful critique during the development.
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