FUDK2: Battleground Hero by Oozo
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
This is a follow-up to my L70 1vN Deathknight movie.

DISCLAIMER: This movie is more about humor and battleground objectives than about my skill as a DK. If you interested in evaluating my skill as a DK then please watch my first movie which is linked above. The focus of the first movie was on 1vNs, ability usage, and multiple target manipulation. If you think I suck or think that I'm an average player based upon the movie linked above, I'll accept that. I'll disagree, but I'll accept it. ;)


This movie, however, focuses more on actual battleground objectives than the pure bloodbath (1v3+s) of the first movie. The clips range from L72-L79 (with a couple of L80 clips). I've also added some humor elements and transition scenes. The humor is intended to be in good spirits, I'm not hating on anyone. I find humor in strange places.

The pvp footage is highly edited to sync with the music. In a way the pvp clips are similar to music videos. Entertainment is the goal here, not education. Keep that in mind. :)

Breakdown and credit are as follows:

PART 1 - Scrubs Anonymous (humor intro)

- Toasty Loop by Jimbob

- Stealth Game Over by Jimbob

- Badass Theme - Loopmaster

- Eeeeeeeeeee! from Austin Powers "Goldmember"

PART 2 - Return to Bass by Meat Beat Manifesto (pvp segment)

PART 3 - Tzolk'in by Imprintz & Kleo (pvp segment)

PART 4 - Showdown (Excision Remix) by Pendulum (pvp/dance segment)

PART 5 - Industrial Love by ISTW (humor segment)

PART 6 - Montage from Team America (pvp montage, duh?)

PART 7 - Ray's Whipass by Mike O'Connor and Ray (credits)

MY GOAL = PvP-Entertainment-Humor-Music

note 1: Although the PvP trinket is in my action bar for part of this movie, at no time did I have it equipped.

note 2: I did not pick up the Hungering Cold glyph until I was 78. You might notice at times when I'm trying to use it when lower level but did not have enough runic power (a good example is right after I pull the paladin down from their GY, I try to AoE CC the priest but don't have enough runic power). This glyph is an absolute must have for on-demand or front-loaded AoE CC (and IMO is probably OP for objective based PvP - I expect it to get nerfed before rated BGs go live)

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