Not all Roleplay is Serious - Episode 1: lolwutbe4ar by Erunno
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By, Nixxiom and Erunno - Silverlined Productions and Blind Man Studio

Not All Roleplay is Serious is a comedic series of short sketches that are all based around silly Roleplay adventures between Erunno and myself. In this episode, l0lwutbe4r, we take a trip into Ashenvale, where me and Erunno meet the great and mighty l0lwutbe4r that is an obvious spin off of Myndflame's Roflbear.

Say hello to Silverlined Productions and Blind Man Studio's first micro series: Not All Roleplay is Serious.

Nixxiom voiced by, Matt Greenburg
Erunno voiced by, himself

Made by, Nixxiom and Erunno

-Silverlined Productions Youtube Page:
Silverlined Productions
-Blind Man Studio Youtube Page:
Blind Mand Studio

PS: Makes no sense? It's not supposed to! But the next episode will be more "normal".
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